This is the AVS philosophy

You don't need to be a specialist.
You just need to partner with one.

We're a specialist business with 5 key business divisions: Sales, Operations, Finance, Marketing and Sustainability. We tailor our products, services and skills to serve the people in your business.

As the holding company for the two established industrial valve companies Steam and Valve Specialists (Pty) Ltd and Entrade Valve and Engineering Supplies (Pty) Ltd, Allied Valve Specialists has a proud purpose rooted in care, pride and trust.

Our purpose

Trust is earned. And we're willing to work for it.

CARE: In seeking purpose-fit solutions for your production plant.

PRIDE: In putting your safety first while understanding environmental impact.

TRUST: In high stockholding and access to ensure business continuity.

Digital Transformation

5 Divisions, Endless Opportunity

Our new digital platform is a new, exciting development for AVS and takes advantage of the 4th industrialisation - giving you access to knowledge, products, and service at the touch of a button. Specialist digital integration makes the supply chain shorter, leaning on training and empowering our suppliers and customer base through shared expertise. This is the era of knowledge sharing – this is how we partner with our customers.


The AVS team consists of internal and external sales consultants. We collaborate to execute on our customer requirements and have set out a sales process to make it fast, efficient, and accurate.

We service 4 main customer categories:

  • End-user customers
  • Boiler manufacturers
  • Contractors, Project Houses and Valve Refurbishment Partners
  • Resellers


Internal logistics, inventory and warehouse management, dispatch and after sales delivery. We've got it all! We collaborate with our suppliers to ensure sufficient stock holding and smooth execution of the sales orders. We have warehouses in Gauteng and Cape Town and a dedicated supplier value chain, both at the very top in terms of engaging our suppliers as partners and the execution of all our imports in the most cost-efficient and quickest timeframes.


Our team is here to serve you, our customers. Our Finance team is led by a professional chartered accountant who ensures the implementation of policies and protocols according to regulations and legislation as required by the Companies Act of South Africa. We know how important cash flow is to the survival of any company. We partner with you to help grow your business. We understand that any downtime or faulty valves will have a drastic effect on your bottom line.


Building a brand starts with building relationships. That's why our marketing team walks the talk to nurture the supply chain of human connection. We partner with branding and performance marketing specialists who share our values of care, pride and trust into driving data-led innovation. Staying relevant means putting our customers and their world-view at the centre of our brand story. We seek opportunities to solve business challenges through creativity and offer solutions rooted in integrity and a deep understanding of our ever-evolving industry.


There is no company in South Africa where the CEO agenda does not include sustainability. That is why we have engaged a Sustainability Specialist to help guide us and our customers through this challenging - yet exciting - business transformation towards the joint country goal of net zero emissions. As Allied Valve Specialists, we can help you understand the supply chain impact and offer our expertise with your sustainability teams to reach our joint goals. We are fortunate to have been chosen as one of 15 companies in South Africa out of 70 to partner with the Cape Chamber and German Chamber of Commerce in driving these projects. Watch this space!

Business is personal

Our mission

"We care about our customers, their safety, business and operations, because behind each valve is a human being – who deserves the very best of us"

Allied Valve Specialists

The AVS story

Who says age is just a number?

We call the history of AVS a legacy of lessons. Explore milestone moments that got us from a one-province, one-company, one-product supplier to the Allied Valve Specialists we are today.

  • 1990
  • 1993
  • 1994
  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2010
  • 2018
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • Now

Walking the talk

Memberships & Industry Bodies